With Awareness you will Receive Life’s Gifts


Six of Pentacles

 For it is in giving that we receive. ~ St. Francis of Assisi

When I think about sharing, giving and receiving, the tarot gate card of the Six of Pentacles comes to mind. Meditate on this image from Shadowscapes Tarot and you may discover something about your true nature as one who gives, but more importantly as one who receives.

When I lead a yoga class I am sharing my knowledge, my time, my voice, my spirit, my body, even my mind as I bring my voice to the mat. I am giving.

But as the giver, I am also the receiver. I strive to mindfully and graciously accept the energy my students bring to their mats.  It is during those final moments when I invite them to consciously thank themselves for showing kindness and compassion to their bodies, and to recall their beginning practice intentions for themselves, a loved one or the world, that my heart and soul grows. I experience their energy organically as a gift of warmth, wonder and welling up in my body, sometimes even as soft tears of joy.  I am receiving.

Giving is all about receiving. But it’s not what you want, or think or expect, it’s what the universe needs you to know and absorb. Just as flowers need water to grow and bloom, we grow when we allow the gate of our soul to open to grace and receive whatever is out there waiting to come in.



 Shadowscapes Tarot ©Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

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